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Nemoc Jagged Edge Films was formed in 2001 to produce That Time of Year, a guerilla feature drama addressing clichés and stereotypes of adolescence in New York City. Since then, JEF has produced a number of independent film and video projects that have screened at festivals around the world, received TV airtime and won awards.

JEF focuses on storytelling and creativity above all else, with the belief that, if the story is there, even shoestring budget operations can make people laugh or cry, leave them highly entertained, deeply moved or terribly disturbed. The company's focus often tends to be on dark or unsettling subject matters, although its subdivision, Scrapped Reel Productions, deals strictly with mockumentary style comedies.

JEF is on hiatus and is not producing new films at this time. Reese Nanavati has moved into photography and digital art, working full time through Jagged Edge Arts, and is the director of the online sci-fi/fantasy exhibition The Xilon Project. Her brother, the man behind SRP, is now composing and producing music out of Chicago; however, he is still outlining new ideas and Scrapped Reel may have another hilarious feature on the table in the near future.